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Posted on: August 29, 2008


Just got back after a few days away with the family. Not feeling to well now, feverish and runny nose.

I’m so knackered, dont even have the energy to watch Maou. That’s how seriously drained I am.

Will get back once I’ve settled in.



Cant wait

Posted on: August 24, 2008

Currently waiting for my downloads of Maou’s ep 7 (subbed) to be finished. 5 more links to go.. yataaaaa… I was too anxious and couldnt wait for the translation that I had to ask my friend, who speaks Japanese fluently to translate me the part where Ohno cried in front of Yuka. Hehe!!

Anyway, was just finished watching the closing of Beijing Olympic. I was half delusional, hoping for our boys to come out and sing.. hahaha.. also thinking where Sho-kun was, among the mass of people *grin*

Nothing much to add at the moment, nursing my feverish husband though.

Oh yeah.. going to KL on Tuesday, maybe I can drop by Kino or something to get some Arashi magazines, if there are any 🙂

Finally, I am able to sit down and relax. Been feeding myself with Arashi videos and I’m still not sick of repeating it. LoL!

Watched Music Lovers, my oh my.. the boys were absolutely beautiful. Ohchan despite his simple outfit still looked kakkoi and he looked happy which is most important.

I loveeeee Nino’s hair. Kawaiiiiii..

Jun-kun wa… never looked better. Funny how the boys made fun of his ring. LoL!

Sho-kun.. the most hilarious part when ARASHI members made fun of his fake jeans. Hahahhaha!

And Aiba-chan… wahhhhhh.. his hairrrrrrrr… I loveeeeeee.. and he was so tanned!! Might be because of his 24’s task keeping him out there under the hot sun.

Anyway, 24’s tasks are coming nearer. Ganbarre!!

Oh yeah, since I’m on hols, hopefully this will mean more entries from me 🙂

Before I forget, thanks to sableheart for the videos 🙂


Posted on: July 24, 2008

Gomen ne…. can’t believe my last entry was on July 10. It’s been that long. Been bogged down with too much work and as a result, I am now down with a fever and flu.

It’s not the most pleasant feeling having to move around, slightly feeling hung over due to the med prescriptions.

So hopefully a proper post soon, after all the maddening things simmer down.


ps. Can someone recommend me a website to download all latest Arashi stuff?

No Veoh???

Posted on: June 1, 2008

Apparently Veoh is no longer available in Brunei Darussalam. What the hell, man? How am I gonna download my Arashi video’s now? Wuahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. I am deprived!!!


More available… at least minimal explanation available here

Safe to say, users were not informed of their decision to block.


Posted on: March 15, 2008

gomen gomen for the lack of updates. it’s just that i have lost interest in ARASHI for awhile. >_<‘ but now i think it’s back cos of the ARASHI calendar. now i’m gonna wait till my sister gets back from KL and try to borrow her CC again to order (her CC got expired the other day). pyrefly’s just picked hers up at the post office. sugoiiiii. uwaaaaaaaa. i want it so badly now.

oh~ bibz, counting the days eyh babe? heehee.

Posted on: March 2, 2008

omg! it’s been ages since i last blogged. gomen gomen. it’s just that there’s no internet connection when i’m school. something wrong with the hub or something. and my hostel got to internet connection. boring right? tsskk. heehee.

and i’ve been busy doing my final year project and exam is just around the corner >_<. and i’ve missed alot of sho-kun’s sho-beat show T_T and other stories of ARASHI. i’m in a big failure of being ARASHI fangirl >_<. right? anyways, i am currently downloading arashi’s step and go PV, ive lost it when i have to reformat my notebook. no backup. all gone T_T. TSSKK!

so yeah i’m gonna go now waiting for my downloads to complete and do some revision at the same time.

till then byebye minna-san ^^;;.

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