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Wahhh.. I missed the first 15 or 20 minutes of the show, but enough to show how sad the ending was. I felt like screaming at both Naruse and Naoto when they had that face off in the end.

Can’t wait for the subbed version to come out, hopefully that will make more sense for a non-Japanese literate like me.

All in all, omedetou Ohno Satoshi!!!!!!!!! You deserve this spotlight, you showed an amazing acting skill, you are one of a kind. Congratulations Riida 🙂 Goood god, if you were in front of me now, I’d give you one giant hug!!!!

So okay, for those who has not seen the episode yet, spoilers ahead – some pictures captured from KeyHole.

Naruse after being stabbed, such a sad scene. On his way to meet Naoto for a final face off.

Crying Ohno… my eyes were watery too..

When Shiori called, he tried to get his hp out of his pocket, badly wounded after got stabbed.

I realise I’ve been super bias. So this time, I’d also like to say omedetou to Toma-kun for his wonderful acting. He didnt over do it this time and I couldnt hardly remember that it was actually Toma as a Detective-san, that’s just how good he was. Gambatte ne!!!

So sad to see it ended but on a positive note, Ohchan can now finally have some rest. Next up is Nino’s.

Sigh.. I am still feeling so empty after that last episode, that’s just how moving it was.


Got to watch Zero and AnS tonight, considered as rare. Hehe! But the hubby is working late hours, so I’m staying at home instead of at the in-laws. Broadband is only available at my home 🙂

Just gonna spam you with some pictures of tonight. Gonna wait for the video to be avalaible (AnS). Cant wait!!

Mr. News-man witnessing fellow country man winning a gold medal for a swimming competition at the Beijing Olympic *kakkoi*

Ohno’s reaction after being teased about Maou. Get used to it Ohchan, you are one bright shining star now. Hehe!!

Had a good laugh here. The guests, Fujiwara, imitating ARASHI, a bad one that is. Hahahahah!! I cant imagine ARASHI just being on stage and just swaying right and left. Huhuhu!!


Double gasps!!

sigh.. *dies*… Aiba-kun, where’s the fluffy hair? *nose bleeds*

Ohno trying his best *LOL*

KeyHole was acting good tonight. Not excellent but good enough for me to survive through it. *goes back drooling over my ichibans*

Maou ep 1

Posted on: July 6, 2008

Wow… I’ve never seen this side of Ohno before. First episode was a hanger and Ohno’s character was really lonely but at the same time full of anger and hatred.

Despite no subtitle, I could only figure out what’s happening through their body languages. Toma’s character, I’ve never seen him play a serious character before so it was really hard to get used to it, but his trademark, to me that is, his yell… very distinct in this episode.

Also got me wondered if he ever got tired from all the runnings he did in this very first episode.

Can’t wait for the next one!!!

Look at that expression, those eyessss….

Not sure what was happening here but it sure was tense. Nino somehow looked really sexy here. Huhuhuhu!!

Seriously, can’t wait for the next episode.

Ganbatte ne Ohno chan!!!

Dream Alive

Posted on: May 4, 2008

Look what just arrived!!!!

Yuppppp.. the much awaited Dream Alive!! Weiheiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….

And look at what’s inside.. smexy absolute droolness-fest.


Sakurai looking good with the leather jacket

Ohno here looked amazingggggggggggggg

My Aiba looked hunkydorable

For once Nino’s hair looked nice here. I’m hating those drappy-moppy look.

And nowwwwwwwwww… I’m off to listen their album. Such a nice weekend, don’t you think?

New PV!!

Posted on: February 9, 2008

OMG!!!! The new PV for Step & Go is OUT!!. Aiba and Jun looked so freakishly HOT!! Sho’s rap was just smexy! Alright, I’m gonna go and recuperate. Such a nerve wrecking news at 6am. Hehe!

I know this is an old clip, but just felt like watching it again. Aiba looked super hot here! Of course the others looked kakkoi too. Hehe!

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