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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… the filming location for the Vegas scene was disclosed. However, it is NOT confirmed. So I dare not say.

It involves a hotel.


They say it will take place this February for two weeks.


Hajimemashite, watashi wa Bibz desu. Douzo yoroshiku 🙂

My ability to speak in Nihongo language is pretty limited. So my ability is as far as that. Huhu!

This will be my venue to talk about Arashi, seeing my other blog is about my dailies. Somehow I worry that people might not understand what I am talking about, hence the thought of creating a blog dedicated for the beloved Arashi.

This blog is not the official source of information, as we also find out about Arashi from others. Seeing that we are in the island of Borneo, making it more difficult to find news about these boys. Our only hope is by surfing through other Arashi-dedicated websites and blogs too. So gomen if we are late with the news.

I’m rambling here but just to kick start this blog, hopefully everything will run smoothly. This blog is still ‘under process’ as you can see there are no links whatsoever. Will try to add on as we go along.

Meanwhile, please drop a line or two and share your thoughts on Arashi 🙂

Latest update on Hana Yori Dango Final, filming will take place in the States and Hong Kong. So expect more of Matsujun’s news *giddy with love*

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with Aiba-chan’s kawai and baka-ness. Huhu!!

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Bibz - Discovered ARASHI only recently but thankfully, Nz is here to share the sentiments. Basically, this is my way of ranting or expressing my admiration and love towards Arashi. Watching them has always made me happy. Their baka-ness is beyond this world but at the same time, they've shown what a good friendship means. ARASHI, arigatou gozaimasu!!

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