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Finally caught up with everything.

Shukudai-kun – I wonder how boiled fruits taste like.

Himitsu – Had a good laugh when Aiba pointed Nino to which camera to look at. Somehow Aiba is more DoS-like towards Nino these days.

Ryusei no Kizuna – Boyyyyy.. I’m still finding it hard to pronounce the title. 1st episode looks really promising. Cant wait for the next episode. By the way, I didnt find Erika as annoying when she was in Hanadan, I guess my view of her was influenced heavily through her annoying character in Hanadan πŸ™‚

Speaking of Himitsu… I MISS Jun’s old hair. I still find it hard to accept his new hair, a lot of getting used to.Β  I guess of all hair style he had before, this one is just down the list.


Since I just found out WordPress now has a Poll’s tool, why not start it off with what we think of Jun’s new hair. Hehehe..


Again, only managed to catch the last few minutes of the show. Was out with the husband for some window shopping which ended up with me purchasing two new pairs of shoes… lol…

So last night’s Himitsu, since I only managed to catch the last segment, they were debating on the price of an image/body overhaul. I’m not really a Math whiz (converting the currency) but I gather from their reaction, money spent to change one’s part of the body must’ve been really expensive.

Ahhh… it is always nice to see a laughing Riida πŸ™‚ I’m into Riida mode at the moment where even my wallpaper is of Ohno’s. Hehe

Cho kawaiiiii

Scaredy Sho.. lol..

LoL… poor Aiba, what a pity he was chosen πŸ™‚

Ehhhhhhhh….I’m such a scatterbrain…was actually waiting for HnA an hour before it went on air, only to totally forgot about it and managed to catch only about the last 10 mins of it…shessssh..

From the looks of it, it looked like a fun episode…. now I’m just gonna wait for a kind soul to upload it πŸ™‚

Some snapshots I took;


Someone’s having fun

And the total score of who was the most frightened.. LoL!! Kawaiiiii… Again, I wonder why Ohchan didnt get scared. I suppose he doesnt get scared easily.

Gomenasai… been busy with fasting lately, had the time to surf but no time to update until now. Hehe!! Been watching Shukudai-kun, Himitsu, Maou and other Arashi related stuff.. so much to catch up on. Hontouni Arigato sableheart, yuckie-chan, taijiΒ and ai-nino for the videos πŸ™‚

Shukudai-kun was hilarious… seeing Jun getting DoS over the ojicans was worth it.. even Nino was annoyed with the hyper ojicans. LoL!!

As for Himitsu… LoL!!… man oh man.. Aiba and Nino were just hilarious and such a scaredy cat.. as for Ohchan.. not sure why there was no reaction from him, it seemed more creepier though.. I wonder what scares Ohchan. As for Jun… even though he didnt scream as much as Aiba and Nino, it was still amazing to see him off guard πŸ™‚

And Maou? Myyyy… I cant believe it is ending soon *sigh* I’m gonna miss Ohchan.. on the other hand, Nino’s new dorama will be on air soon after Maou ends. So there’s no end to Arashi love.. isn’t it?

Oh yeah.. so their concert last night was a success? Two encores? Sugoiiiiiiiiiii.. and trust Aiba to pull off a stunt, not that he planned it though… ripped pants? LoL??!!! Baka ne…

Priceless expression from Jun. Demo.. both of them looked sizzling hot….

More sizzles

Hentai thoughts.. LoL!!

Kawai deshou? Sho’s expression after tasting the honey

A sneak preview on Nino’s new dorama. Looks promising πŸ™‚

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