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Was too caught in Ohchan’s ‘scandal’ news that I’d forgotten about these. Yeayyyy!! My Hanadan photobook and the One Love single finally arrived.

I know it’s old news but sugoi ne… I love the remix of all the OST done by Arashi for Hanadan. From Wish to Love So Sweet and now One Love, it somehow told me the storyline or love story between Domyouji and Makino.

Can’t wait for the movie to come here.

And it is because of Hanadan that I discovered Arashi πŸ™‚


Minna, found the subbed version of Hanadan SP. Makes more sense now with the sub. Huhuhu!

I’m just stating here, I am not stealing the videos from the owner.

Credit to Minamichan03 for her hard work. Arigatou gozaimasu!

Kya!!! To show their appreciation towards their fans, the Hanadan cast will be jetting around Japan in a private jet next weekend. According to sources, the plane is a Boeing 737-500 and they will visit Sapporo, Nagoya and Fukuoka on July 12, Osaka and Tokyo on July 13.

Hanadan Final is said to have been watched by approximately 1.35 million people, grossing more than 1.6 billion yet.

Source also said, chartering a jet for a publicity campaign is the first ever to be done for a Japanese film.

Sigh… if only they come and jet the plane here. Hehe!!!

Yataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… words just came in, Hana Yori Dango Final is No.1 in the box office!!!! What do’ya knowwwww…

Found it from here

Sugoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii πŸ™‚

Kyaaaaa!!Β  The movie is finally out!!!Β  A kind soul wrote about the movie in her blog.

So for those who can’t wait to watch the actual movie, you can read it in her blog. AGAIN, only read if you really want to πŸ˜‰

Sighhhhh.. I can just imagine.

Gosh, trust Aiba and Nino to make me laugh, my eyes went all teary when watching HnA, the episode when Jun went on a date, and Inoue Mao played her role as Tsukushi. While Jun, he was such a sporty dork who played along with the craziness Aiba and Nino came up withΒ πŸ™‚

My troubles seemed far away after watching it.

And yeah, I agree with Mao, didnt know there are other possible methods to promote Hanadan Final. Hehehehe!!

Below are three links I found. Need to find the other two missing links.

Hanadan SP

Posted on: June 28, 2008

Special finale for Hanadan, featuring ARASHI. I almost cried watching, thinking back how far they’ve come together. Maintaining all cast for three seasons should be a proud moment on its own. Somehow, the remix of all OST from ARASHI made it more meaningful, a trip down memory lane in 4 minutes πŸ™‚


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