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It’s here! Guess what just arrived? Actually its been at the post office for nearly a week. Was too busy that I had to ask my brother to get it for me :p



Now my handphone will look very pretty 🙂


I’ve been meaning to flaunt this. Hehe! I’m just so happy it finally arrived, used it straight after I stepped out the post office. So if you see a girl with this, it’s probably me *LoL*

It’s actually dark purple but piccus seemed a bit blueish… 🙂

Kyaaaaaaaaa!! Guess what arrived????

So I had a lovely morning, received this small package. The Arashi is Alive photobook is just tonnes of love, only grudge is how they keep on focusing the boys’ faces on the centrepage… making it almost impossible to scan. I guess that’s the whole point of it. Huhuhuh!! It even has a special CD in it, featuring another song.

But it was still lovely… and I am yet to look at it, page per page… absolute drool fest… kekekek…

And of course, bought the single for Truth and Kaze no Mukuo e 🙂 Can’t get bored of these songs.


*smiles sheepishly* After my previous entry…. I have bought the single… yataaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Thank goodness there is still stock at Yesasia. WOAHAHAHHAHAHA!! And took the opportunity to pre order the Arashi Alive photobook too.

Oh yeah.. since there are THREE types of the single to choose.. I chose the ones with the Truth PV on it. I wish I could have bought all three of them. But nahhhhh.. am thinking should save some moolah for whatever Arashi’s stuff is coming up with next. Hehehehe!!

I’m a happy happy girllllll…

Things we do for ARASHI … no matter how blood money sucking Johnny’s is…

* * *

Goodness me… ARASHI is really busy this year ne. Another single coming out for the Beijing Olympics – Kaze No Mukou e . I can’t hardly wait for Truth to come out, and now another one? Wahhh…

And more photobooks coming out in September.

Ackkkkk… gotta start saving up to get all these loveeeeee from Arashi.

Oh.. randomly, was chatting with a friend online, and silly us said.. maybe we can register ourselves as media for the Beijing Olympics, since we do work along that line.. and the reason? So maybe I can meet Sho. LoL!!

World of Arashi is seriously affecting me :p

While surfing through YesAsia, found this.

Coming out in September this year.

Hmmmm.. time to fork out more moolah, you reckon? Hehe!!

Johnny-san, you are evil!!!! WIth the money I spend on Arashi, you can at least bring Arashi for a concert to the nearest country to me, like Malaysia or Singapore :p

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