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Finally caught up with everything.

Shukudai-kun – I wonder how boiled fruits taste like.

Himitsu – Had a good laugh when Aiba pointed Nino to which camera to look at. Somehow Aiba is more DoS-like towards Nino these days.

Ryusei no Kizuna – Boyyyyy.. I’m still finding it hard to pronounce the title. 1st episode looks really promising. Cant wait for the next episode. By the way, I didnt find Erika as annoying when she was in Hanadan, I guess my view of her was influenced heavily through her annoying character in Hanadan πŸ™‚

Speaking of Himitsu… I MISS Jun’s old hair. I still find it hard to accept his new hair, a lot of getting used to.Β  I guess of all hair style he had before, this one is just down the list.


Since I just found out WordPress now has a Poll’s tool, why not start it off with what we think of Jun’s new hair. Hehehe..


Meant to do this last night, but was too knackered. Sent my dad off who was bound for Davao City, Philippines. The day was busy too as it was the first day back to work after a long weekend celerating Eid Mubarak.

With that I’d like to wish my Muslim friends, Happy Eid Mubarak πŸ™‚

So Shukudai-kun last night was alright, I wasnt concentrating much, I guess I was just too tired to enjoy it. But what’s with Matsujun’s hair? I know he loves the Beatles but does he hair must be like them too? Hehe!! And ohhhhhhhhh… Nino’s hamburger hands!! Heheheh!!

See what I mean with Matsujun’s hair?


Sho-kun trying the blowfish with ice-cream. Was it blowfish?

Ohchan trying to get away from the Master

Nino’s hamburger fingers!!


Missed this last night as the house needed attention for the upcoming Hari Raya πŸ™‚

Thanks to sableheart for the video πŸ™‚

A few highlights;

This was too cute. Nino trying to refrain Ogura-san from hitting Aiba *LoL*

Of course… Ohchan with his unique style..hehe..

*sigh* Jun with his always Domyouji romantic style

Kyaaaaaaaaaa…had a momentary spasm watching these two!!!

JunAiba XD

Is it me or is Jun a bit chubbier?

It was another good episode. Cant wait for it to be translated πŸ™‚

Wasnt as fun as last week’s but it was alright nonetheless πŸ™‚ Didnt quite concentrate as I was busy uploading pics for my hubby’s multiply.. huhuhu..

Loveeee loveeeee Jun’s expression here

The boys having fun

Almost a tease wasnt it? Who better to act than the person with the new dorama..heheh

LoL!! The guests getting all wet. Our boys are such bullies!!

Wahhhh.. Nino has a big fan. Hehehhehe!! Been awhile since the boys got to dress up in silly costumes..huhuhu…

Nino feeling embarassed..heheh…

And to think he was Maou a few days ago.. hehehe..

Somehow these two pulled it off with these costumes

Aiba-chan getting all piratey

LoL!! Somehow he looked geeky here… LoL!!

Sho timidly hides behind Ogura-san

Cant wait for the episode to be uploaded. KeyHole’s reception was not that good tonight πŸ™‚

Now I can have a nice sleep..ehehhe..

AnS 100

Posted on: September 9, 2008

Managed to catch Shukudai-kun when they were tasting the food. I honestly was thinking they might pull off something grand as it was the 100th episode… did they forget it again, like what happened to Mago-mago Arashi? LoL!

The hanabi cracked me up though… and of course during Aibakaland πŸ™‚

Jun tasting mushroom, I loveeeee mushroom by the way πŸ™‚

Cracked up so much after watching how this hanabi ended.. LoL!! Such a spoil sport :p

Another one of those silly hanabi. This time a mini van looked alike which ended up getting toasted. LoL!!

Looking mighty fineeeeee there boysssss

There goes the idol image *LoL*. Jun having to sing an opera-like style, thanks to Aibakaland :p

Cant wait for the video to be uploaded πŸ™‚

Gomenasai… been busy with fasting lately, had the time to surf but no time to update until now. Hehe!! Been watching Shukudai-kun, Himitsu, Maou and other Arashi related stuff.. so much to catch up on. Hontouni Arigato sableheart, yuckie-chan, taijiΒ and ai-nino for the videos πŸ™‚

Shukudai-kun was hilarious… seeing Jun getting DoS over the ojicans was worth it.. even Nino was annoyed with the hyper ojicans. LoL!!

As for Himitsu… LoL!!… man oh man.. Aiba and Nino were just hilarious and such a scaredy cat.. as for Ohchan.. not sure why there was no reaction from him, it seemed more creepier though.. I wonder what scares Ohchan. As for Jun… even though he didnt scream as much as Aiba and Nino, it was still amazing to see him off guard πŸ™‚

And Maou? Myyyy… I cant believe it is ending soon *sigh* I’m gonna miss Ohchan.. on the other hand, Nino’s new dorama will be on air soon after Maou ends. So there’s no end to Arashi love.. isn’t it?

Oh yeah.. so their concert last night was a success? Two encores? Sugoiiiiiiiiiii.. and trust Aiba to pull off a stunt, not that he planned it though… ripped pants? LoL??!!! Baka ne…

Priceless expression from Jun. Demo.. both of them looked sizzling hot….

More sizzles

Hentai thoughts.. LoL!!

Kawai deshou? Sho’s expression after tasting the honey

A sneak preview on Nino’s new dorama. Looks promising πŸ™‚

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