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Back… and Arashi is No.1

Posted on: November 1, 2009

First thing is first, a huge apology to the world of Arashi as it has been nearly a year since I left the wonderful world of Arashi. I have been so busy with other things in my life that guilt has always been there, the guilt of leaving the boys for so long.

So I’m trying to make up with loss times. Hopefully I can catch up…

I MISS ARASHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here’s second, ARASHI WON BAImage taken from www.channelv.comTTLE OF THE POP (CHANNEL V)!!! Yeay!! Omedetou!! It was so weird watching Arashi on the actual TV .. heheh as we’ve been so used to watching them on either the laptop or desktop. They won by a huge margin which just shows the tremendous achievements by the boys. I’m so proud of them…

Omedetou Arashi!!!


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Bibz - Discovered ARASHI only recently but thankfully, Nz is here to share the sentiments. Basically, this is my way of ranting or expressing my admiration and love towards Arashi. Watching them has always made me happy. Their baka-ness is beyond this world but at the same time, they've shown what a good friendship means. ARASHI, arigatou gozaimasu!!

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