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Posted on: September 28, 2008

I’ve been meaning to flaunt this. Hehe! I’m just so happy it finally arrived, used it straight after I stepped out the post office. So if you see a girl with this, it’s probably me *LoL*

It’s actually dark purple but piccus seemed a bit blueish… 🙂


4 Responses to "Finally…"

Iya..iya..So LUCKY!!! Bibz..cana ko bulih dapat beg AAA 2008?? Dimana ko membali?? Arah queencoc.livejournal kah?? o online shopping arah JE’s shop?? Jeles berabiz ku eh!!! Pamphlet AAA 2008 ada jua ko membali?? Berteriak ku eh..KYAAAA~!!!!

LoL!!!! I bought it through ebay.. it was on bid. Iatah macam kusyuk dan tawaduk ku membid.. baik jua dapat *LoL* I only purchased this… still thinking if I should get the pamphlet 🙂

Happy berabis ku, felt like that is the only physical link I have with ARASHI, dreaming as if I was at the concert lah tu.. hehehehhe…

ebay ka?? mmmph~ kn mcuba ku eh..myb i’ll sign-up later..chcking it out, if we buy things using ebay, pay with credit card through PayPal?? kn mconfirm kn dulu..hehehe~

Yup ebay. Yeah… most of the transactions want Paypal, so it will be credited via your credit card 🙂 So you register dua tu… ebay and Paypal.

Good luck!!

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Bibz - Discovered ARASHI only recently but thankfully, Nz is here to share the sentiments. Basically, this is my way of ranting or expressing my admiration and love towards Arashi. Watching them has always made me happy. Their baka-ness is beyond this world but at the same time, they've shown what a good friendship means. ARASHI, arigatou gozaimasu!!

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